Lennox ELO183 Oil Furnace.

The Smart Choice for a Comfortable, Quiet Environment

The EL0183 is built to deliver clean, quiet performance. That means you can enjoy peace of mind—in perfect peace and quiet.

Efficient Heat When Winter Is at Its Worst

An efficiency rating of 83% AFUE means 83 cents of every dollar spent on fuel goes directly toward heating your home. That lets you enjoy energy-efficient comfort, without worrying about how much oil you’re using.

A Perfect Fit for Your Home

The streamlined design of the ELO183 allows it to fit easily in almost any closet, crawlspace or basement. This gives you plenty of room for add-on air conditioning, or just more living space.

Simple, Durable Design That’s Easy to Maintain

High-quality components reliably deliver heat to every room, with little maintenance required.